Montreal – NH Photographer – Family Travel

Montreal is a beautiful city, even (maybe especially) in the winter. The snow-capped buildings and streets with holiday lights were truly a sight to see. Everywhere we looked, there was something beautiful to look at.

I’ll admit, we got a few odd looks when we told people we were planning a December trip to Montreal. The reason behind it was to celebrate my son’s birthday in a special way, and the city was within driving distance from New Hamppshire. He had always talked about going to Canada, so the dates were set and off we went! We only spent a few days there, but each day was filled with fun- even when a snow storm had us change some plans.


Walking the streets of Montreal was a special experience on its own. The architecture of the buildings were intricate and beautiful, and the people we passed were kind. We went in and out of a few shops, and found multiple places to eat- which was *huge* for our vegan family.


The Montreal Science Centre was really fun for our son. He loved walking around and engaging with the different exhibits. It was nice to see how hands-on the entire museum was!





On his actual birthday, we got hit with some heavy snow. I was a little nervous about driving across the city, so we settled on some snow play at the park. He had a blast throwing the snow around, especially when it was aimed at his father.

The rest of the day was spent snuggled up, watching movies and playing on kindle. Luckily, we were able to find some fantastic take-out nearby for dinner, too!



It was a lovely trip, and I’d definitely come back to the city in the future!

-Sarah Chase

PS: To book me for a 2018 photo session in New Hampshire, or somewhere else in the world, be sure to CONTACT me today! Sessions are already hitting the schedule for 2018.

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