Winter Photo Sessions – NH Photographper

Availability for January-March

You might be thinking- Sarah, it’s cold out. What kind of session can we have the first part of the year here in New Hampshire? Well, there are a few options!

*First, if you have young children, imagine this story unfolding in photographs, and you glance through the album when they’re older: Your yard is filled with snow. Sometimes, you see this as a horrid thing, as you’ll need to shovel it or worry about driving. But, on this day, we see the snow through the child’s eyes. Parents watch with warm mugs of coffee in hand as the kids build a snowman and have a snowball fight, before joining in on the fun. Once everyone is a little too soaked and cold, the scene moves into the house and changes clothes, then meets in the living room to snuggle up in blankets and sip hot chocolate. Sound like a dream session? Click HERE to view 2018 prices, and CONTACT ME to book!

*Second, if you’re expecting a baby the first quarter of the year, you’ve probably been thinking about a session to capture that tiny bundle of love. They’re only that little once, and having photographs to look back on is so important! You know, for when they’re finally sleeping (and you’re finally sleeping) and you’re a bit more aware of your surroundings. First time mom? Even more special. Anyway- back to telling you how it would go: Instead of traveling with your new baby outside of the home, I come to you. We’ll capture the special bond between the parents and the baby, right from the comfort of your home. Curl up on the couch, lay down, even nurse or feed during the session. These in-home sessions really capture that special time well. Plan to have this session about a week or two after your due date. Don’t worry if things need to be rescheduled, the retainer takes care of that! We all know that babies come when they come. Expecting, and want to learn more? Click HERE to view 2018 prices, and CONTACT ME to book!

*Third, if you don’t yet have children but want beautiful images with your spouse: Picture the romantic scene of your home. Now, if you’re looking around and don’t see it, close your eyes and take a deep breath. Think about where you snuggle in your home. Is it the couch? Do you sit on their lap on the big recliner? Imagine the two of you there with a warm blanket wrapped around you. You touch foreheads and clink your mugs together while embracing each other. Lean in for a kiss, then giggle at something that’s said. Imagine having photographs of your love for one another to look back on when you’re older. Sound like a great date? Click HERE to view 2018 prices, and CONTACT ME to book!

*”Just” you? That’s just as amazing! If you’re reading through these like “I’m single, and I don’t have kids” – don’t worry, we can capture some winter magic, too. We can go indoors or out and capture some gorgeous portraits of you doing things that you love. If you enjoy snow shoeing or painting, we’ll do that during your session. This is a great option for women who want to feel empowered and beautiful, women who need branding for their business, or women who want photographs of them just because! Boudoir is always an option, too. Want to learn more? Click HERE to view 2018 prices, and CONTACT ME to book!

Now, on to the availability! The following dates are currently open.

January: 6th, 27th

February: 10th, 17th, 24th

March: 10th, 24th, 31st


I look forward to working with you!

xo Sarah Chase

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