Dear Wild One

Dear Wild One,

I wanted to let you know that I see you. I see the frustration you feel when you’ve been inside too long. I see the way you cringe when your life feels micro managed, and I can see how blissful you are when you decide for yourself. I am learning, little wild one, to let go and allow you to be, as often as I can, while still keeping you safe. When the confinements of daily life are left behind you become free. I watch you transform before my very eyes as the stress floats away with the breeze.


I watch as you remove your shoes and socks and touch the earth with your bare feet. The moment your toes wiggle in the dirt, I can see the ease flow over you. You relax, only for a moment, before walking those bare feet to a nearby tree.



Your smile widens as you tell us the woods are enchanted. You invite us into your wild world, and we are happy to join you.


I see you, wild one, so comfortable in nature. You sit at the base of the tree and exhale before curling into a ball. Your smile widens again as you tell us this is your new bed, and how you wish you could live here in this place. I can’t help but smile, too.



When your skin touches the chilling stream, I think for sure you’ll want to bundle back up. I imagine you recoiling and shivering, but to my surprise you do not. Instead, the water beacons you to explore and play even more.


I see you, wild one, bravely climbing the rocks we face. When you’re offered an easier route you decline. I can see the determination so clearly in your expression. With adults surrounding you, prepared to catch you if need be, you ever so carefully place each foot and hand before shifting your weight and climbing higher. I watch, in awe of you, as I follow you to the top.


Dear Wild One,

I know that sometimes life can feel busy. We’re here and there, doing this and that. I feel it, too. On days like this, though, we can forget about the business and just be. I love watching you in your element. Thank you, my wild one, for reminding me to let go, slow down, and enjoy the nature that’s all around us.

I see you. I’m proud of you. I love you.

(Sarah Chase)

Photographs taken during our family day at the Basin, New Hampshire. 



2 thoughts on “Dear Wild One

  1. This is just beautiful. Perfectly written and striking a resounding chord in my heart, awakening the wild one that I was so free to be long ago.


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