Nature Play – NH Photographer

I learned something on our recent trip to Cape Cod. I noticed my son collecting nature items in the past, of course, but for some reason it really stayed with me on this trip. We were at the beach, and my son had said no to playing with plastic buckets and shovels. I shrugged and thought nothing of it, until I watched more closely. He picked up a piece of seaweed and played for a long time, seeing it blow in the wind and waving it around. He drew pictures in the sand and pretended he was a pirate leaving clues to a treasure. He had a fantastic time, and not a moment of it involved plastic toys.


I was reminded of something I learned from Leah M, the creator of the curriculum we sometimes use in our homeschooling. Kids learn and grow creatively when they have open ended toys to use, and aren’t told how to use them. Loose parts in nature seem to be some of the best. A stick can be a cane, a bow, a sword, or a building tool. Rocks become beautiful treasures, and seaweed can easily become entertainment.

Our kids are connected to nature. We all are, really, but sometimes the daily grind of adulthood can make us forget. This beautiful reminder allowed me to let go of pressures and allow him, and myself, to just be and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. No plastic toys or electronics needed.


PS: Let’s have a photoshoot based on your child playing in and enjoying nature, from a documentary standpoint! For information and to book, please CONTACT me.


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