Nobody knows your child as you do – NH Photographer

Nobody knows your child as well as you do. You see them every day. You know their expressions, mannerisms, and quirks as well as your own. When we look back at their past with photographs, it’s usually the ones that showcase their personality well that become our favorites for nostalgic thoughts.

As an example, I’ll show you photographs of my son and explain why I see so much of who he is in each one. He’s the example, of course, because I know him best.


Take this first image. Some may see a serious or a bored face.  However, I know that this is his thinking face. He’s deep in thought, contemplating something. I also see his wisps of hair floating away from his bun, and I smile knowing that his wild, long hair is such a big part of his identity.


In the above image, some might assume that he was posed. After all, it would have been the perfect setup! But, This was purely a luck shot. I turned to see him swinging and moving the sword while looking around the mossy area, and happened to get a click before he ran off. One shot, of him pretending to be a viking. When he plays pretend, he’s very serious about each role, so it makes sense that his big imagination would show so clearly in an image, even in a lucky shot.


Here he is laughing to himself, not long after he was scurrying around the beach with his hands in his pockets, pretending to be a piping plover. He cracks himself up, as well as others.

Those are just a few examples. To those who don’t know him, they’re pretty pictures. To me, each one represents a big part of who he is. When I work with children in a photography session, my focus is not on posing or creating the traditional family portrait. Instead, I offer a relaxed session that allows children to be themselves, so I can capture those traits you know so well as a parent. Sessions with me will give you images that you can look back on years from now, and remember those little things they used to do, or expressions they always made. These relaxed, documentary style sessions are about so much more than a photograph- they’re keepsakes of who they are now, as you know them.


If you’d like to book your session, please CONTACT me.

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