Five Favorites – Podcasts

I’m not a morning person. I openly admit to that.

So, when I have to get ready in the morning I drink some coffee and throw on a podcast to help inspire me and wake me up. They aren’t something I listen to daily, but I love to play them while I prep for the day, especially while curling my hair! (We all know how long that takes!)

Today, I’m sharing 5 of my favorite podcasts with you. Most are directed towards creative fields, but give them a try. You may be surprised at what hits home for you.


  1. Let’s Play : The Create Podcast
  2. Creatively Unscripted
  3. Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert
  4. TED Radio Hour
  5. Exploring Unschooling


What are your favorite podcasts? Leave a comment below!

-Sarah Chase

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