How relaxed sessions capture genuine moments

Think back to picture day at school. We’d comb our hair in line, or run our fingers over the plastic points like an instrument, while we waited for our turn in front of the camera. We were asked to sit on the stool, sit up straight, turn our head, and smile! Not much fun, right? What’s worse is if we said “cheese,” forcing our muscles to show teeth, but not the same muscles as a genuine smile.

My sessions aren’t like that. They’re much more relaxed!


Instead of stiff, boring posing, you’ll be asked to walk and hold hands with your loved one, pick up your young children, embrace in a hug, splash in the water at the beach, give a piggy-back ride, or curl up with your significant other.

Relaxing and focusing on the moments and on having fun creates a beautiful scene to capture. When we leave out the worry of smiling at the camera we’re left with real, genuine connections, emotions, and moments.


There’s less pressure with this setup, too. Kids don’t have to sit perfectly straight and smile. Instead, they get to do what they do best; play. Parents don’t have to worry about kids who run, climb, or are camera shy. I’m there to take photographs of what’s happening naturally!


All of the photos in this post are real moments. Playful, sweet, and loving moments.


PS: Want to book your New Hampshire session, or check on my travel dates? Contact me!

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